I had dreams all night last night.

Dreams of sex with my most recent ex, we were doing it all over this abandoned building (combining my 2 favorite activities).

98% of the time my dreams are about someone trying to murder me, chasing me or abducting me.  This dream was a nice departure from that.  I’m still a little mad at my brain though, I want him to be dead to me.  I suppose he is, except in my dreams.

I lay the blame for this dream at the heels of Heels Not Needed (http://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/54936358/) and her post about sexy dreams last night.

The funny thing about his dream was after every time we did it he said you’ve been ____-ked (a variation of his last name).   Oh and certain bodily fluids that are normally white-ish were purple.  Bizarre.