Being inspired by a fellow blogger, I will endeavor to tell a couple of interesting stories from my life…

I’ve always kind of been a party girl.  In my high school days, wherever there was booze, weed and boys, I was there.  Yet, I still managed to graduate with honors, not get in trouble with the law or get pregnant.

But this was after I had grown up a little bit, graduated from nursing school and traveled to the largest city in my state to take my State Board examination.

There was a group of approximately 10 of us and we stayed at the most awesomely 70stastic hotel I had even been in (and it was long past the 70s) complete with orange shag carpet and green wall paper… it was glorious!!

We had decided to stay an extra night after our examinations were over, to celebrate.

We dressed up and headed down to the hotel bar, not wanting to have to worry about getting lost, cabs, etc not being too familiar with the area.

When we arrived at the bar it was pretty deserted and the vibe in the bar had just as strong of a 70s vibe as the rooms did, I loved it!  We pushed some tables together, sat down and ordered drinks.

At some point the cocktails turned into blow jobs (the shots, get your mind out of the gutter) and we were successfully doing them without hands.

After we were a few drinks in, The Carpenters came in to play for us.  Not really the Carpenters of course, but that’s what we called them, they were pretty terrible.  The waitress was dubbed Betty Sue, I’m sure she hated us and she had plenty of reason to.

As we were drinking and doing shots, we noticed the bar filling up with MEN, just MEN.  Man after man after man kept coming through the door.  And they were fucking good looking men and we were a table of 20-something nurses, already half lit.  So, of course they gravitated toward our table.

It turned out that there was a convention at the hotel of FIREFIGHTERS AND PARAMEDICS.  Oh yes my friends, you read that right.  There were firefighters and paramedics there from all over the world, with cameras and video cameras.  I distinctly recall one convention attendee videotaping the festivities and we all simultaneously shouting “WE’RE NURSES”… he was from Norway or someplace, I’m sure he seriously hoped he wouldn’t end up in an American hospital.

When I drink, I get ridiculous.  Ridiculously friendly and gregarious, I’m a happy drunk.

I became bored with the musical selections of the Carpenters, so I began singing a rousing, hillbilly-esque version of “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

Here’s something that I didn’t know about “You Shook Me All Night Long”, EVERYONE knows the lyrics!! So once I started, the hot guys took it up and soon we drowned out the Carpenters, I shot them a cheeky smile as they threw imaginary daggers at me.  IT WAS AWESOME.

Copious shots flowed over our table, the more we did, the more aggressive we became with the shot glasses, and several may have been broken, along with a few ashtrays…

I may have kissed a few boys that night; I wish I could remember their faces.

At the end of the evening, one of the girls in our group had only had one or two drinks (that was so not me) and she took our bar tab, did the calculations and gathered our money.  Now remember, I from a rural area, some people are very sheltered from the realities of the world, this light drinker was one… but I didn’t know how naïve (or stupid she truly was).

After the bar closed and nearly threw us out we made the long walk back to our rooms, accompanied by some hot guys…  There were some hot kisses in the hallway before we retired to our rooms.

Once we were alone in our rooms, still giggling about the events of the evening, Ms. Naïve says “Don’t worry about that waitress, I took care of her”.

I replied “That’s good, she deserved it.”

Ms. Naïve says “Yea, I tipped her $5”.


Suddenly sober from the massive shame I felt, I jumped into my shoes, grabbed my purse and sprinted back to the bar, which I discovered was locked up tighter than Ft.Knox.

I felt like such an asshole.  Nurses probably do not have a good reputation in that hotel, all because of us.