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I am taking a break from meeting anyone new right now.

I’m just going to work with what I’ve got, I’ve hidden my profiles or disabled them (of course that is assuming that they were ABLE to begin with haha, which I don’t think they were).

I need to focus on my fiction, my photography, my charitable organization and ME.

Maybe I’ll focus on being pretty? Or attempting to?  Let’s see how this works out…

sigh… it’s been a rough week here in my head.

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Here is a sample of some of my work…

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Hurry-Up Horror


I love fiction, I love being transported into someone else’s life, into another world, another time… I’ve loved books, madly, since I was a small child. Maybe, because I am an only child, the books were my playmates.

So… always looking for new things to read, I discovered Two Sentence Horror stories.


Seriously, do yourself a favor and check these out… I got completely absorbed in them.

I tried my hand at writing a couple. I’m not sure that it’s my “thing” I usually get really wrapped up in describing things, almost like giving inanimate objects human qualities.

Here are a couple that I penned… let me know what you think. Can you write one??

As they hiked to the abandoned asylum, she tripped over a pile of bricks, gashing her thigh open; the blood began to pour onto the rain soaked ground.
She looked up at him, panicked as he bent over and began to lick the blood from her wounded leg…

“It’s just contact dermatitis” the doctor said as she scratched away the top layer of her skin. She had faith in her physician until she saw the first worm make its way out through her broken skin.

”I can’t take another night like this” she thought aloud as she walked toward the room that held the screaming baby.
The baby grew silent as she walked into the nursery to see her husband holding a pillow over the baby’s face.

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