Once in a while, all the stars line up and a person is actually lucky enough to witness Karma in action.


I was this lucky person last night.  I have to say that it made me absolutely giddy with pleasure.


First, the backstory…


A few months ago, I met a guy (online).  We knew several of the same people, had been at events at the same time, etc, etc… but had never met.  So we start chatting, texting, phone calls…


Then we have a date.


It seemed great; we laughed, ate and drank (probably my critical mistake).  Ended up leaving the bar and returning to my place.


Hey, don’t judge, it had been a while.


So… bow-chica-wow-wow… He leaves and I crashed hard.




Not even a “Fuck you, kiss my ass”.


I chalked it up to my own stupidity, erased him from my life and moved on.


Now, fast forward to yesterday.


I was signed up to do a photography MeetUp, I get alerts for the people that were signing up, bowing out, etc…


Guess who I see signs up??


Yup, Mr.Douchebag Fraidy Cat.


My first thought was “I bet I’ll be the last person he expects to see!”


I know he saw me… he went off with another group and I went on my merry way… I am not generally confrontational.


So a little later in the evening, I head to the area behind a fountain, to capture an image of the bridge through the water.  I didn’t notice that he was behind the fountain next to me and his camera bag was right behind me.

So, as I’m fooling around with my camera and tripod, he walks over, I turn, realize it’s him and I say “Hi” (I am the bigger person) and he says “Hi” back, clearly uncomfortable, he grabs his camera bag to make a quick retreat.


When he picks up the bag, the contents tumble out onto the pavement… really nice camera lens included.


He picks up the lens, shakes it near his ear, then looking very sad… he walks away.


How you like that mutherfucker???  Karma can be a bitch… now, eat your shit sandwich and quit being such a fuckweasel.